TravoTech is a Software Development Company

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About Us

TravoTech is a Software Development Company with highly-experienced teams to deliver high-quality standard software’s to enable progressive businesses to transform, scale and gain competitive advantage, through the expert delivery of innovative, tailor-made software. We develops strategic software solutions for businesses. Our well-honed project management approach and our deep bench of professionals equip us to rapidly address our clients important and complex business challenges with high quality, cutting-edge, secure.

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  • Inbound travels & tourism website

    travel solution provider for local and regional travel agencies, the solution is designed as a simple gateway to book tours and travel services without the need of previous knowledge in online booking, it consists of dynamic "Consumer & Business" interfaces that will automate all necessary processes for booking and customizing trips and travel services online. Online travel solution that facilitates penetrating new travel markets by helping travel agencies in targeting new travelers through the B2C interface and connecting with new tour operators through the B2B interface. It is provided on selling basis & subscriptions basis and it includes the following seven main engines: Private Tours | Group Tours | City Tours | Hotels | Transportation | Events & Activities | Flight Tickets.

  • E-learning platform

    A software system designed to create a virtual learning .environment through which it is possible to deliver training courses, administer and monitor them and access a series of facilities and arrangements. An platform that schools, universities, and institutions can use for teaching (only online or supporting traditional teaching) which can have the following features (all together or individually): a) Be a content management system , guaranteeing the access to didactic materials for the students. b) Be a learning management system where the use of learning objects makes easier the learning of a given topic. c) Build a virtual community of students, tutors, and professors.


Our mission

Empowering your business to reach the widest possible audience through the development of solutions and services that convey your company's vision and image to the prospective client, customer and employee.

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