TravoTech platform is a complete "Online Travel Agency" builder that consists of Customer (B2C) & Business (B2B) interfaces, an online platform that enables inbound travel agencies to build their own travel portals from a friendly back-office and choose a design as a dynamic website from various built-in templates. Travel agencies can create, price and sell multiple touristic products such as: Day Tours, Group Tours, Private Tours, Tour Tailoring, Hotels, Transfers, Events, Gifts and Flights, where all bookings are based on immediate price quotations and real-time availability from their own inventory.


The Platform is designed to be customized according to agency requirements, and certain details can be adjusted to match branding guidelines, as well as layouts. In addition, there are many features that will assist in automating the sales and booking processes, as well as marketing and user tracking tools.

The agency gains full control of their products and inventory from their back-office without the need to rely on external services, whereas the frontend of the platform is a customizable website managed by the agency to enable travelers to tailor and customize their trips. The intuitive booking process encourages immediate conversion by guiding the visitors through the website from browsing, selection, customization, instant pricing, payment, and immediate confirmation.

Key Features

• Customizable and flexible website with multiple layouts, themes, and designs.
• Fully responsive design templates that can be accessed through mobile, tablet, or desktop.
• User-friendly behavior based on the industry’s best practices.
• Identical interfaces serving business partners (B2B) and customers (B2C).
• 10 booking engines including the unique A-la-Carte engine (Day by Day tour tailoring).
• Shopping cart to combine tours, hotels, and other service on the platform.
• Online and offline payment methods with options of online deposits and notice periods.
• Revenue management through setting prices, markups, and promotions.
• Inventory and orders management.
• Marketing campaigns planner and newsletter subscriptions.
• Integration with social media channels.
• User generated content of ratings, comments, and reviews.
• SEO friendly with advanced optimization tools.
• Advanced reporting module and user behavior tracking tools.
• Multi-language support.
• Integrated with global service providers for flights and hotels.
• Ability to publish tours and services on other websites through APIs.

Booking Engines

The platform is composed of 10 booking engines that are designed to work together into an integrated cart and can be processed online or offline from one portal through an easy series of booking steps, they incorporate all the travel requirements for customized bookings and instant pricing.

TravoTech Platform

Tour Tailoring


Platform Hotels
A feature-rich engine that allows the agency to list hotels, rooms, amenities, general information, and pictures. Additionally, agencies can list prices for hotels based on multiple rooms, contracts, allocations, meals, and promotions. This is an integral part of our platform as it allows the agency to sell hotel rooms as a standalone product, or integrate it into packaged tours. Contracts can be made available to all channels, or can be made exclusive to specific agencies or products listed on the site. Agencies can also provide hotels with their own unique credentials to allow the hotels manage their rates, allocations, information, and promotions remotely and dynamically.


Point to Point Transfers
Agencies are able to sell point-to-point transfers based on their own defined routes and rates with options on multiple vehicles types that have been defined by the agency. The engine is designed to capture all necessary details and add roundtrip transfers.


International Hotels (APIs) 
Users can access international hotels through worldwide providers. The platform is integrated with global hotel providers. Agencies will need to contact those providers for their agreements. Once provided, their products will become available to users.


Day Tours
Agencies can list an unlimited number of privately arranged Day Tours with dynamic pricing and options. Agencies can also set a number of added features that can be sold in conjunction with the Day Tours such as local on-site services.


Group Tours (Guaranteed Departures)
Whether it is a single day seat-in-coach tour, or a multi-day guaranteed departure, the agency can also define an unlimited number of tours with seat allocations and set prices as well as schedules. For multi-day tours, the engine is linked to the hotels engine and can be linked to specific hotels, with special contracts and their specific rates and allocations. This allows the user to choose their hotels and rooms based on the predefined itinerary of the tour. These can also be made available to all or specific B2B partners, as well as B2C.


Tour Tailoring (A-La-Carte)
While the industry moves away from the groups travel which is already covered by the platform, travelers look for custom built itineraries that are designed to cater to their needs, tastes, schedules, and experiences. Our unique and innovative solution is the first in the industry to allow customers to design their step by step itinerary from scratch and will only be limited by the number of products that are available within the destination. The engine allows the customer to choose day by day items including transportation and vehicle of choice, times, site visits, added services and activities, guides, meals, hotels and rooms, all into one integrated cart. The engine calculates items based on the agency pricing and predefined set up information that is also defined, adjusted, and categorized by the agency. The complex calculation algorithms have been designed to take all market specific parameters into consideration and produce accurate pricing including exceptional business scenarios. The engine is also linked to the hotels engine to provide real-time availability and offers a choice of contracts and allocations as define by the agency.


Private Tours
For travelers that would like to take a private program, and based on a preset itinerary, the engine offers real-time availability and pricing based on the same Tailoring engine from the previous section. This allows the customer the possibility of choosing from an array of predefined itineraries, and will be priced automatically based on customer dates, preferences and options assigned by the agency.


Events & Activities
Agencies can list a different set of activities that can be sold as standalone services such as dining, Special Events (Concerts, Shows), location based activities (classes, diving, boat tours, experiences, etc).


Gifts & Souvenirs
Agencies can also gain further revenues from selling gifts and souvenirs with an engine designed to sell and acquire delivery details nationally. Inventory and delivery details can be defined by the agency and will calculate costs dynamically and processed through the same cart.


Customers will be able to purchase their flights through an Iframe. An Amadeus GDS frame is integrated into the site and processed as a standalone product, and offers access to all online airlines.

Main Features


Website Customization
In order for the agency to differentiate itself through its branding guidelines, the platform incorporates a number of built-in templates that are interchangeable with one click. No need to adjust anything beyond. Each template also features a set of color combination, styles, and fonts that are also interchangeable. The design of the website maintains flexibility and can be changed at any time.

Additionally, menus, logos, titles, and labels can be managed through the back office to add more options to agencies in using their own names and terminology.

The platform also supports the creation of multiple pages that can serve alternative purposes such as information pages, blogs, articles, banners and links, among others. Additional pages can be filled with media-rich content to enhance the visitor experience.


Online Marketing Tools
Rich statistical data is available on the dashboard, additional analytics tools (such as Google Analytics) can be linked to track visitors on the website and allow administrators to explore the necessary information regarding the website visitors and make crucial informed decisions on the content and activities, especially when it comes to marketing.

The system also features a built in marketing mailing tool that allows the website to collect subscribers to newsletters, upload lists of emails, grouping, and send out update material, marketing communications, newsletters, or special offers with a simple text or html editor with media rich content; an important tool in today’s online marketing that enables marketers to communicate constantly with their relevant audiences.


Payment Solutions
Allowing users to complete their reservations in one step is also crucial to converting prospective customers to buyers, where payment becomes an immediate confirmation to both the agency and the user. Using trust-worthy gateways was also one of the important aspects governing the decision was also taken into consideration in the integration of the platform. Payments options can include full or partial payments as indicated by the agency (deposits or guarantees) and can also be made offline. Custom invoices can also be sent from the agency through the gateway to complete orders or account for changes. Currently the platform is integrated with PayPal & other payment gateways.


Security & Reporting
The platform is secured with SSL Encryption (Secured Sockets Layer) which establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a user browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private. For users, this is integral where payments are made. Agencies as well will not need to be concerned with the privacy of their data with their own system encrypted generated passwords that only the agency have access to. For agency sub-users or administrators, a security log allows the agency to add new users, remove, revoke access, and track changes to the items and activities. Additional reporting tools are also available to track orders, inquiries, and payments. B2B agents can control their passwords and track their booking history through exclusive secured agents' area.


SEO Enabled
With the front-end side of the platform being optimized for search engines, no prior experience is required to reflect pages information and data to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. For more advanced users, this data can be controlled by administrators and entered manually such as Meta Tags, titles and URLs. The system also generates Sitemaps automatically according to SEO standard guidelines.


User Generated Content
While users search the internet for the best rates products, the reliance on reviews created by actual traveler experiences have become the norm and trend. For this purpose, the Platform also features reviews and star ratings for the products offered. This is also a great tool for agency administrators to keep an eye on their best performing products and detect any problem areas that are occurring, or respond and recover from unhealthy reviews should they occur.

Why TravoTech?

The solution is the first fully comprehensive web based solution that enables Tour Operators and DMCs to tap into the online travel market with a complete set of products and services that vary from the “dynamic packaging” or “preset tours and activities” to encompass a wider range of a-la-carte services. The booking engines alongside the other features are designed to incorporate the specific requirements of businesses by taking all the functions and components into consideration, and allowing them to work dynamically together in a cohesive and efficient way.

• Full control over design, content, products, availability, pricing, and promotions
• Different permissions for agents and customers in terms of products exclusivity and user accessibility
• Immediate pricing for clients with different markups (B2C or B2B)
• Instant payment with multiple options of online deposits
• Wider global reach of targeted audience (casual travelers and agents)
• Higher conversions on leads with minimal marketing and operational expenses

• One Stop Shop for all travel requirements in one place
• Customizable services down to the maximum details
• Instant pricing with online payments and confirmations
• Destination information and users reviews

Plans To Meet Your Needs

Based on the agency’s operations, products, and specific needs, several annual plans have been created to offer agencies packages that are most likely to meet their product line-ups and budgets starting with a simple plan offering a range of preset tours and packages at a very affordable price, and up to the most advanced package that includes all the booking engines while still remaining within affordable budgets for small, medium, or large scale agencies. Agencies also have the options of hiding any of the engines if they do not offer a product within the category. Furthermore, the platform will continue to be developed to incorporate additional features and latest industry trends, as well as enhancements on the current version to provide a better experience for agencies and customers alike.